The Banyan tree
symbolizes strength
and longevity. Its
growth is legendary
and over its lifetime
can grow from a
single trunk into
an entire forest.

Like its namesake,
become a symbol
of business strength,
longevity and growth
in North America.

BANYAN'S partners combine their exper-
ience and expertise
with extensive capital
resources to help
build and grow their
affiliate companies.


About Us

BANYAN CAPITAL PARTNERS® is a Canadian based private equity firm with offices in Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia. We invest in and buy middle-market companies located in North America.

With more than 100 years of private equity, investment banking and operating experience collectively, we have developed a strong franchise. Our success is based on our reputation for honesty, respect and integrity. We have worked directly with more than 60 companies and served as directors on more than 60 boards. When Banyan invests in an affiliate company, each partner makes a personal investment.

As a generalist firm, Banyan makes equity investments in and buys private and public companies across most industries. We provide full or partial liquidity to existing owners or we partner with owners wishing to grow their companies with the view of realizing on a future liquidity event. We have helped many mid-sized companies grow and become more successful. As companies grow financially and organizationally, they generally become more attractive as acquisition candidates or as public entities. We leverage our experience and relationships for the benefit of all shareholders.